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Kylie Antolini - 2018 Wildwood Challenge

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Join me in my efforts to support Forest Park Conservancy!

I've committed to going the distance to help protect and preserve Portland's Forest Park, and I need your support!

I've signed up to take the Forest Park All Trails Challenge, which means I'll be traversing all 30.2 miles of the Wildwood trail in Forest Park in one go! Wildwood is my absolute favorite (hence starting a candle company inspired by it—Wildwood Candle Co.—which I additionally donate 5% of profits) and this has been a long term goal of mine. But I can't do it alone, I need friends and family like you to come along with me. Will you sponsor me by making a donation to the Forest Park Conservancy? It's really easy, just follow the link to my ATC HQ page and make a secure donation online.

With your help, every step I take will be helping to maintain and protect 5,157 acres of trails and fragile wildlife habitat. Forest Park is not only a breathtaking and beautiful wilderness right in our back yard, it also plays a critical role in maintaining the Portland region's ecological health by cleaning our air and water, and providing habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals. But the forest is also threatened by invasive species that are killing the trees and preventing new ones from growing.

The Forest Park Conservancy partners with Portland Parks & Recreation to fight these threats, and they need our help. Won't you help me go the distance? Sponsoring me is easy, just follow my link and together we'll be preserving a priceless natural resource.

For the Forest,

Kylie Antolini, Wildwood Candle Co.
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